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Since 1998, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) launched the business incubator to provide new venture mechanism, the amount of 50 new companies were incubated. To be the best test-bed for new venture, NCTU Innovation Incubation Center (NCTU IIC) integrates local business resources with academic capability into the comprehensive service for new ventures. NCTU, the first tier university in science and technology, with many outstanding alumni in high tech industry, has created the culture of entrepreneurship from the beginning. In recent year, NCTU incubator recruit experienced management team to build up the value-added services and activities related to business development.


Our Mission

  1. Facilitate the collaboration between academic and industry by incubate mechanism.
  2. Nurture campus-based startups with the entrepreneurial assistances.
  3. Increase the successful rate of new ventures by the integration of public/private resources.


Entrance Policy

The NCTU IIC provides services to a wide range of entrepreneurs. An applicant business must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Innovative idea or business model.
  2. Emerging technology with potential development .
  3. Spinoff company from NCTU Laboratory. 
  4. R&D collaboration with NCTU professors.

In order to apply for the program, an applicant must complete the NCTU IIC application and detailed business plan.


Program Graduation Policy

Incubatee may be graduated or choose to graduate from NCTU IIC if incubator management determines the company has met one or more of the following conditions:

  1. The incubatee has completed the R&D collaborative project with NCTU professor.
  2. The incubatee has changed the direction of business and NCTU IIC is unable to support it.
  3. The incubatee gets the admission of Hsinchu Science Park with achieving targeted milestone.
  4. The incubatee is in need of additional space and NCTU IIC is unable to provide it.



NCTU incubation program focuses on enhancing tenants’ value by offering customized activities. The concentrated service allowed us earning higher grades than other incubators so that the government awarded IIC as the “Best supervision in Startups” in 2008 and “Best incubator in Taiwan” in 2009 and 2010.


Our Roadmap


Characteristics of NCTU IIC

Full Authorization by Top Management
The NCTU IIC is highly authorized to create value for our incubatees. A professional group, teamed up by incubation director, is placed on right position to perform incubation service and bridges the collaboration between industry and academy. It will keep IIC moving forward. From a financial point of view, it is important for the Incubator to have its own independent account and try to achieve its annual goals with university’s full support. We can cumulate the profit that we earned before. Therefore, the flexibility and authority are the key factors for the incubator to succeed. We are not only the provider of incubation service, but also act like an entrepreneurs to leverage the best resources to benefit our clients in their business aspects, that they can feel the passion form us and gladly cooperate with IIC. 
Innovative Sponsorship to Academic Entrepreneurs
The IIC’s mission is to raise the success rate of campus-based startups. Being responsible for assisting the new ventures emerging from the labs, IIC provides value-added program to the entrepreneurs who recently graduated from university labs with advanced commercialized technology. The new venture will get the first round assistance from Technology Licensing Office to make sure the IP strategy and IP protection. Afterward, the IIC develops NCTU Spinoff Program (NCTU 300K) to fit different stage of startups, thus the company can obviously get the benefit of non-cash sponsorship and connect to the governmental project by our commendation. There are 7 spinoff companies supported by NCTU 300K program. The program will bring fledgling companies into market to reveal their core technology/ products. Besides, we match business assistance, ex. angel, VC, lawyer, accountant, ID designer and local parties, to the entrepreneurs to shorten their learning curve. This supporting system that we built had earned the governmental award as “Best supervision in Startups” in 2008 and “Best incubator in Taiwan” in 2009.
Specialized Incubator Leveraging the Cluster Effect of IC Industry
The SBC is inside the Science Park and play a role of seed-stage incubation. Location in the Si-Soft Research Center, the heart of Hsinchu Science Park surrounding by semiconductor manufactures, SBC has great advantage of location in developing business to industry player. Startups can access the market to know the information about industrial value chain, and they can modify their business direction as soon as possible. SBC targets the startups which aim to explore the IC designs based on ICT cluster in the Si-Soft Research Center. The mechanism that we have is to invite potential IC-design companies to be included in our business cluster. After three years of incubation, we will lead them to be the tenants of Hsinchu Science Park. We intend to function as the engine of new venture, by shaping the industrial clusters; meanwhile, helping the emerging companies for recruiting high-quality manpower and raising abundant capital. As a result, it also makes the positive impact on the regional economy in the aspects of creating jobs and revenues. 
Making Good Climate with Partners to Collaborate with Incubation Program
It is difficult to provide full spectrum service by a sole incubator. Through the strategic alliance, we can strengthen the business capacity regarding the professional services and industrial relationship. We make closing relationship with local community by IP services, consultancy, value-added activities, and training courses. For example, the issues of laboring, contracting, and subsidy are concerned most by engineer-based startups. We have been made formal or informal connections with several strategic partners, like Taipei Computer Association, SpringSoft Education Foundation, Association of NCTU Alumni, Chinese Business Incubation Association, Asian Association of Business Incubator, and etc, to bring advices in varied dimensions for our clients. Besides, IIC aggressively networks with other incubators to form the Taiwan Incubation Alliance (TIA), the member of 10 incubators, making well connection in information sharing and joined marketing activities. The IIC’s manager, Mrs. Lisa, is the executive of TIA from 2009-2011. Therefore a comprehensive service is occurred in NCTU IIC platform to offer those who need solution in building new venture.






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