About NCTU iiC

  The NCTU IIC Provides a variety of services such as:

  • Mentoring and Consultation 

    We linkage different parties from public to private sector to acquire the talents who are willing to devote his knowledge/experience to our incubatees. Therefore, we introduce experts to consult with incubatees about the BP modification, especially the recommendation of mentors and team members.Consultative Service can offer free consultancy to our clients in field of technology, management, IP, marketing, finance…etc.


  • Networking Opportunities

    We deploy several activities such as CEO Club and Angel Club. CEO Club is a quarterly activity with targeted issues shared by seasoned experts/mentors, attendees not only learn the latest information but also taking chance to interview with other CEOs. Angel Club, designed for startups unacceptable by venture capital, is composed by NCTU alumni.

  • Business Analysis

    The NCTU IIC belongs to the NCTU Center of Academic-Industry Collaboration (NCTU CAIC). In CAIC,  there is a team to make customized  anaylsis, including IP mangement/analysis, market research, consulting,... etc.



    Marketing Asistance

    The NCTU IIC can assist Incubatees with marketing issues including press releases, exhibition, product sales, customer relationship.
    The incubatee's booth sponsored by NCTU IIC



    Administrative Service

    NCTU IIC provides daily service including mail receiving, cleaning, telephone answering, receiption,...etc.







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