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Gpowertex corporation
GPowertex is a designer and developer of Power Management IC products. GPowertex seeks to differentiate itself by integrating its expertise in device physics, process technology, packaging to optimize product performance and cost. Main Product is DC-DC 3A/5A buck converter           
Applied Intellectual Properties Co. Ltd.
Established in 2001, AIP is the first artificial memory research and development company in the world. With novel business models and innovative technologies, AIP has ardently committed to be:
* World-class NVM Cell IP Provider
* Leading NVM Technologies Developer
* Global IP Venture Capitalist
iBerlin Technology Co., Ltd.
iBerlin Technology was founded in 2009 and is an IC fabless company in Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. iBerlin Technology specializes in high-voltage power management IC. Due to growing and changing standards in power saving technology, iBerlin Technology aims to develop the most premier IC to save more energy. Presently iBerlin Technology has developed the”300v-1200v” High Voltage MOSFET for AC/DC.
GreenMark Inc.
GreenMark Inc. specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of power management IC and analog IC products. The company has two major product lines in development - LED driver ICs and Brushless DC motor control ICs. Mainly products are LED lighting, High-power AC/DC and Brushless DC Motor Control.
AnaNavi Technology Corp.
Founded in 2010, mainly research and develop in the area of smart phone/GSM, converter DC/DC, data communication, LCD TV/ Moniter, Ip/SD STB, portable DVD/ blue-ray, PND, USB dongle, and ASIC.
Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.
Medimaging Integrated Solution, Inc. (MiiS) is a technology company for hand-held medical imaging devices, particularly the diagnostic scope set including digital ophthalmoscope, digital dermoscope and digital otoscope, in the market of the health examination and healthcare service.
Main products:
1. Digital diagnostic set including but not limiting eye-fundus camera, dermoscope and otoscope.
2. Image management software with the electronic medical records (EMRs) and remote consultation.
Main services:
1. Product design service for optical, mechanical and electronic engineering.
2. Original design manufacturer (ODM).
Crosslight Software Inc.
Crosslight Software Inc. is an industry leader in TCAD simulation tools headquartered in the greater Vancouver area. For almost twenty years, Crosslight has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art TCAD tools for the simulation of semiconductor devices and processes.
Crosslight provides award-winning simulation software for modeling semiconductor devices/processes in an advanced technology computer aided design (TCAD) environment. With three device simulation software packages (APSYS, LASTIP and PICS3D), our device models cover a full range of devices from basic silicon MOSFET to more complex devices such as vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and quantum cascade laser (QCL).
EstiNet technologies
EstiNet Technologies is an expert company on developing products and solutions for network simulation, emulation, planning, and cloud computing. Using an innovative kernel-reentering simulation methodology for its products
Product Features:
*EstiNet is both a network simulator and emulator.
*It is a software tool for network planning, testing, education, protocol development, and application performance prediction.
*It uses the real-world TCP/IP protocol stacks and supports the real-world applications on Linux Fedora operating system.
*EstiNet simulates many types of networks, including Ethernet, WLAN, VANET, WiMAX, LTE, WAVE/DSRC, DVB-RCST, etc.
TYNE Systems Corporation.
The features of TYNE:
1.      Yield Management Software company for the semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD), Solar …etc High Tech industries.
2.      Specializing in Engineering Data Analysis and Knowledge Management, Continuous Improvement workflows and Data Analysis batch solutions.
3.      Expertise covering all aspects of Yield Enhancement, EDA / KM Software Development and Statistical analysis techniques.
4.      Industry professionals offering a Total methodology and complete solutions to Continuous Yield Improvement.
All-In Technology Co., Ltd
All-In Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010 to focus on electronic paper technology. Based on the technical understanding of the display industry, the company offers complete technical solutions from display control and measurement to system integration. With the gradual emergence of green technology, Electro - Phoretic Display, EPD technology is the majority among the display market. It's power saving / pseudo printing characteristics allow us to be optimistic about the future of EPD. Therefore, we provide services such as measurements of EPD film characteristics and auto-calibration of (output) waveforms.





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